Midstate Reading - Food for Thought

Results that Last Quint Studor 293 Management hardwiring behaviors that will get your company to the top e-book and hardcopy The best advice in the book is in the first chapter which addresses hiring the best people.
Lean In Sheryl Sandberg 240 Professional development Women, work and the will to lead Kindle and hardcopy interesting look at societally conditioned behaviors that women exhibit which limit career growth
Four Disciplines of Execution Chris McChesney 249 Management achieving your wildly important goals summary and hardcopy great explanation of getting what we measure…and measuring lead not lag indicators
Wizard of Ads Roy Williams 213 Advertising Makes you think about advertising in a different way paperback was recommended to my by Lane Schiffman with Schiffman's jewelry
It's a Jungle in There Steven Schussler 256 Entrepreneurial Make you think outside the box hardcopy A must read for the entrepreneur
The Sports Gene David Epstein 
Athletics Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance hardcopy must-read for athletes, parents, coaches

Do the Work             Steven Pressfield                    Business                How to get it done.    Hardcopy    Entrepreneur